Children’s Dentistry

Children’s dentist

Girl with healthy teeth and a butterfly painted on her face. Always visit a children's dentist twice a year.

If you are looking for a children’s dentist, and you are an adult member of The Gentle Touch, we can offer your little ones dentistry on the NHS.

Children should have a happy and relaxed introduction to visiting the dentist. That’s why we greet children with smiles and we always explain what we are doing. Most of all, we hope your child not only gets used to visiting the dentist, but also enjoys the experience. We also have a waiting room with games and toys as well as plenty of space for buggies and prams

Age 0-6 (Childsmile)

We have been a ‘childsmile’ practice since 2011.  Childsmile is a national programme in Scotland, established to improve children’s dental health. It’s main objective is to make it less likely that children will need fillings or have tooth decay.

Lisa Wood is our trained Childsmile nurse. Children under the age of seven see Lisa once or twice each year in conjunction with their dental appointment.  In each of these visits, Lisa gives dietary advice, tooth brushing instruction and applies fluoride varnish (with your consent).  It is also very important, of course, that children still brush twice per day with a fluoride toothpaste. Additionally, a low sugar diet is critical.  Please ask your children’s dentist if you have any questions.

Children's dentistry is offered at the Gentle Touch

Age 7+

After the age of 7, children see their dentist twice per year for oral health assessments (‘check-ups’).

Children can be registered on the NHS under a parent’s membership until the age of 18.  At 18 years old they will  be invited to join our membership plan.

Robyn Gibson, our Dental Therapist, usually carries out any dentistry that may be required.

Mouth guards for children

We offer custom-made mouthguards for children. We recommend these when taking part in contact sports or sports where there is a risk of injury to the mouth. This might include hockey, rugby, boxing, martial arts, lacrosse and some racket sports. Robyn Gibson, our dental therapist, usually takes your child’s mouth guard impressions.

Children playing hockey should wear mouth guards