Dental Health Assessments

Dental Health Assessments

Dental check-up

We always begin dental health assessments – or “check-ups” – by listening to your concerns.  Most patients want to have a healthy mouth and dentition that remains healthy for life. Some patients, however, also request more of a cosmetic approach; this may range from simple tooth whitening to more complex dentistry such as smile makeovers. Whatever your concerns or aspirations are; we will always accommodate your wishes.

We then conduct a thorough examination of all your soft tissues, teeth, as well as the integrity of any existing dentistry.  Radiographs (x-rays) may also be required to confirm your teeth and supporting structures are healthy from this perspective.  We use safer digital radiographs which have the benefit of being a lower radiation to regular ‘film’ x-rays.

Following this assessment, your dentist will explain their findings to you as well as any recommendations for preventive action or treatment to restore your mouth to its healthiest possible condition.

At the Gentle Touch practice, we believe in preventative dentistry so that we may help to prevent the need for any treatment.  If however, there is treatment is needed to restore decayed or broken-down teeth, we practice minimally invasive dentistry, for example, resin infiltration,bonded composite resin and onlay restorations; the more natural tooth we can preserve, the better prognosis your teeth will have.

We always discuss the financial cost for proposed treatment options and give you a printed estimate.  If you need more clarification on treatment please ask your dentist, or you may arrange an appointment with our
treatment co-ordinator Caroline Borthwick.