Facial Aesthetics

Facial aesthetics in the Borders

Dr Ciara Sutherland has recently joined the team at the Gentle Touch to lead our Gentle Aesthetics service. Ciara runs regular clinics for patients who are interested in “facial aesthetics”. This includes lip fillers, also known as cosmetic fillers and injectable fillers.

The Gentle Aesthetics approach to cosmetic filler treatments is to create a subtle and natural look.

In addition, Ciara offers consultations for the treatment of lines and wrinkles (commonly known as Botox). Not everyone will be suitable candidates for these treatments. That’s why a full consultation is always our starting point.

Dr Ciara Sutherland is an award winning dentist who has developed expertise in lip fillers and wrinkle reduction treatments.

Lip fillers

Lip enhancement is one of the treatments we offer at Gentle Aesthetics. Our motto is “subtlety is beauty”!.

As part of our consultation process, Dr Ciara Sutherland will discuss the treatment in detail. She takes particular care to make you feel at ease. In particular, she spends time making sure you are comfortable with the volume of fillers you choose. If you have your lips filled very subtly and skillfully, you will get a beautiful natural result.

Lip filler pricing starts at £250 for 1ml. Please contact us to book your appointment.

Consultations for treatment of lines and wrinkles

We offer free consultations to assess your suitability for wrinkle reduction treatments. That includes treatments commonly known as “Botox”. If this is something you’d like to discuss, please get in touch.

Note that not all patients will be suitable for these treatments.

You can get in touch via phone or contact form to arrange a free consultation with Ciara.

After treatment, everyone was commenting on how fresh I looked – they kept asking what face cream or make up I was using! Ciara was super gentle with me and has such a calm way of looking after her patients. Would thoroughly recommend.

Noelle, Edinburgh

Gentle Aesthetics Team

Dr Ciara Sutherland, an award-winning dentist and she leads on our facial aesthetics services. She launched our Gentle Aesthetics clinic in the summer of 2019. She is certified in lip fillers. In addition, Ciara offers consultations for the treatment of lines and wrinkles. She runs regular Gentle Aesthetics clinics here at the Gentle Touch.