Introducing Gentle Aesthetics

We are so excited to be launching a brand new clinic this week at the Gentle Touch: Gentle Aesthetics. Dr Ciara Sutherland, Scotland’s dentist of the year in 2017, will be joining our practice to offer a suite of facial aesthetics treatments. Ciara is an experienced “aesthetic injector”, delivering wrinkle correction injections (commonly known as “Botox”) as well as facial and lip fillers. These facial aesthetics treatments are becoming more and more popular and we are thrilled we can now offer them to you. Ciara has written a blog to tell us more about it. If you’d like to book in for a FREE consultation, or for any of her treatments, please get in touch. 

botox and lip fillers from Gentle Aesthetics in the Scottish Borders

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By Dr Ciara Sutherland

I am absolutely delighted to be joining the team at “The Gentle Touch” in Kelso. It’s a clinic that I got such a warm vibe from the minute I walked in – I knew it was a perfect place for “Gentle Aesthetics”.

I’m originally from Ireland and what’s great is that even the people in Kelso remind me of the people back home – a familiar warmth! All of my professional life as a dentist has been spent in Edinburgh. I’m about to move with my family from there to the Scottish Borders as my husband is a sheep farmer near Lauder.

But back to aesthetics…I wanted to tell you a bit about it, and why it makes great sense to run Gentle Aesthetics right here at the Gentle Touch.

Facial aesthetics in the dental clinic

After more than 11 years as a dentist, the move into the world of wrinkle correction injections and fillers has been very smooth. That’s because dentists are naturally suited to moving into this clinical field. We have expert knowledge of the anatomy of the face so we know where all the muscles, arteries, nerves and veins sit. We are also very comfortable with injecting – it’s something we do every day!

Botox and fillers by medical professionals

I was relieved when it became law in 2017 that only doctors, dentists and nurses can legally carry out these treatments. It’s quite scary to think that non-clinical lay people were actually blindly injecting substances into people’s faces in their sittings rooms! Yes, this did happen! Yikes! Now, though, it can only be done by a medical professional and in a clinical setting.

One reason for this is that Botox (R), for example, is actually a “prescription only medication”. That means you must have it prescribed especially for you by a medic. This always has to follow a consultation to ensure that it is suitable for you. As dentists can write prescriptions, this is a perfect fit for us.

Subtlety is beauty

Demand for facial aesthetics has boomed in recent years. The “Kylie Jenner” effect has seen the desire for fuller lips soar! Of course, there have been people taking things to the extreme. That’s something I really frown my modestly-filled-lips upon! In my view there is nothing worse than the fake “trout pout”. That is not something you’ll get with me.

My motto is “subtlety is beauty”. If you have your lips filled very subtly and skillfully, you will get a beautiful natural result.

New moisturiser or facial aesthetics?

The same thinking can be applied to anti wrinkle injections. Some of my patients ask me “if I have Botox will I look fake?”. The answer is absolutely not.

The anti-wrinkle injections will smooth out the lines in your face really nicely to give you a more flawless appearance. You will certainly still be able to move your face. In fact, nobody will even be able to tell that you’ve had it done. What you will find is that people will tell you that you look great. They just won’t  be able to put their finger on what is different about you!

I cannot tell you how many times my patients have told me that all their friends and colleagues were desperate to know what new moisturiser or make up they were using because it looked so good! Little did they know it was nothing to do with moisturiser! I, of course, have anti-wrinkle injections myself. I must say my favourite thing is how flawlessly your make up goes on. That’s because there are no lines for it to collect in. It gives the filtered effect!

Wrinkle correction treatment (botox) for the forehead

Gentle by name, gentle by nature

One of the things I have always really worked hard at, as a dentist, is putting nervous patients at ease. (In fact that’s one of the main reasons I was awarded Scotland’s dentist of the year). So, if you are feeling like you’d love to have your lips filled or your lines smoothed but are just a little scared – then why not come and see me just for a chat.

I will be offering FREE consultations with no obligation to go ahead at “The Gentle Touch” Kelso. Just get in touch to book. 

I look forward to welcoming you all.

Dr Ciara Sutherland dentist and Gentle Aesthetics clinician