Introducing Invisalign – teeth straightening in the Borders

One of our dentists, Dr Richard Lindsay, is now offering Invisalign teeth straightening for patients at The Gentle Touch. At our Scottish Borders clinic, members and non-members are welcome to book a free consultation with Richard to decide if this treatment is right for you. He has written a blog on Invisalign – talking about what it is and how it works. We hope you find this a useful introduction to what is a beautifully subtle and effective orthodontic treatment.  ***OPEN DAY: TUESDAY 19TH MARCH 2019***

Invisalign braces in the Scottish Borders

By Richard Lindsay, Dentist at The Gentle Touch

Crooked teeth, gaps, overcrowding and bite issues are all perfectly normal – lots of us have them. That doesn’t mean that we are always happy with these smile imperfections. Chats with some of my patients in recent weeks have reminded me that the thought of getting teeth straightened still conjures up images of the “metal mouth” braces of their childhood friends. I’m delighted to say that orthodontics (aka teeth straightening), moved on enormously as a discipline in the last 20 years. And, even better, we can now offer the world’s most advanced treatment right here in Kelso. It’s called Invisalign, and I’m really excited to be able to offer it to you.

I’d like to explain more about Invisalign, how it works and how it differs from traditional metal braces.

What is Invisalign?

The old-fashioned “train track” model of teeth straightening has been turned on its head by Invisalign.  Instead of using metal brackets and wires to shift the teeth, we make a series of custom-made virtually invisible plastic aligner trays for you. Each tray is slightly different, and works to gradually encourage your teeth into the new positions we’re aiming for.

The process starts with a no-obligation consultation with me to discuss treatment. If you go ahead, I will take photos of your teeth, some X-rays and digital scans, or a dental impression. We use this information to create a treatment plan – specifically designed for you. The treatment plan will transform your teeth from your current smile, to the new smile we are aiming for.

The magic all happens in the custom-made virtually invisible aligner trays. You will wear each aligner tray for just one week before moving on to the next one. Each is designed to slowly adjust your teeth, step-by-step, to the new smile we’re looking for.

You’ll pop back to see me in the clinic every 4-6 weeks – we’ll check progress, and decide if any adjustments are needed to the plan.

After you’ve completed the whole course of Invisalign tray, any gaps or twisted teeth you had will be a thing of the past. Invisalign is often able to deliver complete results in an average of only 3-6 months!

Also included in this treatment is retainers, these keep everything in place after your treatment is finished and a complimentary teeth whitening treatment to complete your new smile.

Checking Invisalign treatment trays

Invisalign vs. metal braces

Several teeth straightening treatment options have become available since I first trained as a dentist in the early 2000s. For those of you who avoided metal braces in your teens, but who feel that crooked teeth or gaps have been a concern in the intervening years, it’s definitely worth finding out about modern orthodontic solutions.  There are lots of advantages to Invisalign, which I feel is the most advanced system available.

The key advantages I see to Invisalign compared to traditional metal braces (and other treatments) are:

  • Subtle Appearance: There are no tracks – the clear trays you wear during Invisalign treatment are virtually invisible when worn on the teeth. They really are barely noticeable. Only you and I will know that you’re straightening your teeth!
  • Comfortable:I will work with Invisalign to custom-design the series of aligner trays you’ll be wearing. The smooth plastic of the trays is engineered to fit easily among the gums and teeth.  Overall, this means the trays fit extremely well while also gradually encouraging the teeth to adjust.
  • Flexible:You lead a busy life – if we were still living the days of metal braces, they’d be fixed in your mouth at every wedding, family event, night out, rugby match or important meeting. Invisalign is different – you will have the flexibility to remove the trays when you need to. You’ll also take them out for brushing your teeth and when you eat.
  • Fast:Metal braces usually need about two to three years to address spacing issues, but Invisalign can make the same progress in just 3-6 months!

Teeth straightening in the Borders

One huge advantage of our Invisalign service is that 100% of your treatment happens right here in our Kelso clinic. You won’t need to trek up to Edinburgh for appointments (which are every 4-6 weeks). We will also be offering some of the best value packages around. I am very happy to offer you a free consultation if you are interested in Invisalign. Please just give us a ring, or get in touch to arrange an appointment.

Invisalign Open Day: Tuesday 19th March 2019

The Gentle Touch is holding an Invisalign open day on the 19th of March. We will be working with a state-of-the-art scanner. This will show you almost instantly how your teeth could look with Invsalign treatment.  Appointments are required, and these are complimentary for members of The Gentle Touch and available to non-members with a £20 deposit.